bonein Hearing Amplifier to Assist and aid Hearing for Adults and Seniors, Rechargeable Hearing aid Headphones


999 in stock



999 in stock

1.The ear amplifier for MILD to MODERATE hearing assistance needs.
2.The hearing aid headsets can adjust separately for both ears, and ensure your bin-aural hearing balance.
3.Support to 90 degrees rotation, 180 degrees folding, convenient to carry. Ergonomic streamlined and sound leakage-proof design, convenient to wear and ensure personal privacy.


The elderly with hearing loss is mainly due to the aging eardrum.Traditional air conduction hearing aids, mainly to amplify the sound so that the elderly can hear, but will lead to the elderly hearing loss more serious.Our hearing aids headphones is not through eardrum, but through the skull, which will not aggravate the hearing loss of the elderly. Meanwhile, the product is not in the ear, so it is more comfortable for the elderly to wear.

The hearing headphones can help the elderly to injoy TV Programme.

The hearing amplifier can connect the electronic devices by the Audio Cable,the elderly can enjoy the music of the electronic devices.


When communicating with friends.the personal sound amplifier can help the elderly to hear clearly.



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